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SharpShield – HP3™ Hydrophobic Protection Package


HP3™ Hydrophobic Protection Package, Banish Compromised Vision!
Take your first step in realising a safer, clearer driving journey by being smarter with your vision today! 


HP3™ Hydrophobic Protection Package
Banish Compromised Vision!

Clear your vision and make your driving safer
New Revolutionary SharpShield HP3™ Hydrophobic Solution has been developed in the United States where weather conditions can fluctuate between glaring sun to snow, thunder and ice storms through to full on tornados. These conditions can test the best drivers in the world in driving alone. Toss into the mix a loss of clear vision and you are dicing with your own safety as well as those all around you.

SharpShield HP3™ Hydrophobic solution is a long-lasting water repellant fomulation that lasts up to 2 years with no additional application necessary.  Apply after your SharpShield™ Liquid Glass Protection strengthening application or as a stand-alone product to your windshield and all vehicle glass for excellent peripheral vision. 

Clear Your Vision on your windscreen and all vehicle windows with the application of this kit to your windshield, side and rear windows.
• Repels Water
• Repels Mud
• Repels Ice and Snow
• Long lasting formula bonds to glass
• Single application lasts for up to 2 years
• Makes your Glass surfaces easier to clean
• Increases Daytime Optical Clarity and Night-time visibilty

Our Professional Grade SharpShield HP3™ Hydrophobic kit includes:
• 1 x SharpShield ProClean™ Pre-Treament Solution
• 2 x SharpShield Clear Your Vision HP3™ Hydrophobic Solution
• 2 x Microfibre application cloths
• 1 x Scouring Pad


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