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SharpShield – MetalWRX™ Metal Sealant


MetalWRX™ Metal Sealant Package, protect bare metal with a superior coating & sealant!
Make UV degradation a memory of the past.


MetalWRX™ Metal Sealant Package
Protect Bare Metal with a Superior Coating & Sealant!

Protection for all Bare Metals with MetalWRX™ Metal Sealant
New Revolutionary SharpShield MetalWRX™ will revolutionise protection for all bare metals. Bonding to all bare metals, coat and seal any bare metal objects such as, trailers, semi’s, pontoons and more!
SharpShield MetalWRX™ protects against salt water, salt air and UV damage. It resists damage from corrosion as well as helping in preventing algae and barnacles from attaching to docks, pontoons and lifts.
Easily clean-up any protected surface with SharpShield MetalWRX™ coverage staying on for up to 2 years. 

MetalWRX™ Metal Sealant Kit
Clean and protect all your bare metal surfaces with the application of this kit.
• Bonds to all bare metals
• Resists Corrosion
• Protects against Salt Water, Salt Air and UV damage
• Helps protect against algae and barnacles on docks, pontoons and lifts
• Great for semi’s, trailers and pontoons
• Long lasting formula
• Easy clean-up of any protected surface
• Single application lasts for up to 2 years

Our Professional Grade SharpShield MetalWRX™ Metal Sealant kit includes:
• 1 x SharpShield ProClean™ Pre-Treament Solution
• 1 x SharpShield MetalWRX™ Metal Sealant Solution
• 2 x Microfibre application cloths


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