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An Overview of Our Protective Work

It’s hard to showcase the invisible, but here goes…

LandRover Defender

LandRover Defender with Matte PPF from below the windows down. A fantastic soft satin finish along with the Ultimate in StoneChip coverage is the outstanding result. Black Gloss PPF adorns the A-pillars along with the pack attachment area at rear.

Audi RS6

Audi RS6 with the beautiful but invisible. Our Ultimate Road package protects the front end along with rocker protection added. All finished up with SharpShield CX2 Ceramic Sealant, giving a glorious deep shine and ease of cleaning in years to come.

Kia Sorento

A Kia Sorento getting supreme protection with a full PPF wrap. All the way from headlights through to the rear bumper. No expense is spared when you love your vehicle and give it the protection that will keep it looking great for years to come.

Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes G-Class with a Matte PPF Wrap.
This G-Class came in with the owner’s desire to protect it’s original Matte/Satin Finish from road and other debris. Fully wrapped in SunTek® PPF-M Matte it’s now protected in all it’s glory.

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3 protected with our Ultimate Road package plus Rockers. Beauty runs deep blue on this beautiful Porsche. Our Ultimate Road kit protects the full bonnet, front guards, front bumper and A-pillars. Add in the rockers for peace of mind driving.
Paint Protected. Just Drive…

Corvette C6

Corvette C6 with an Ultimate Road protection package. Definitely not a vehicle you’ll see everyday! BOP Top series and BOP ELA Series (ELA a more conformable PPF by BOP Performance Films used for the mirrors) adorn this beautiful beast. Nice glossy finish that’ll make this Corvette really turn heads.

Jaguar XKR

Jaguar XKR gets some SharpShield Liquid Protection. Clay bar to remove iron deposits and other contaminants, a light cut and polish for removal of water-spotting and light scratches.
SharpShield CX2 Ceramic Sealant applied plus Sharpshield HP3 Hydrophobic Window treatment .
End result, one bright and shiny Jaguar!

Specialized 21 Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon

His and hers E-Mountain bikes, Specialized 21 Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon in an awesome hi-vis Matte finish. SunTek® Matte PPF placed in strategic high wear areas to protect the finish as much as possible. A flawless invisible result once again.
Paint Protected. Just Ride…

Ford Transit Campervan

Bringing the bling back for this 10year old Ford Transit Campervan. Before and after view to show SharpShield LVPro™ bringing the UV damaged bumper back to glory. Waterspots cut off the windows and windscreen along with a cut and polish for the bodywork. Top the glory with SharpShield’s CX2™ Ceramic Spray Sealant and those holidays sure look ready to book.
Sit back, Relax…

Kia Sportage

When you wish to have a nice stealthy look. Rayno Charcoal 35 VLT PPF gives a great look on calming down that bright background reflection of factory. Badging through to headlights have been given the protection of PPF along with the look of sleek stealth! 35 VLT (Visible Light Transmission) gives a smoke look without being to crazy dark. Badging keeps a nice gloss along with a nice charcoal tinge that takes the brightness away.

Mini Cooper

Mini meet Mini. Two Mini Coopers getting Ultimate Road kits plus headlight protection fitted. Matte PPF was used on the matte graphics to keep them as originally fitted. A beautiful high gloss finish with extra protection on the headlights will keep these Mini Coopers beautiful for years to come!

RangeRover Evoque

Ultimate Road Package for a RangeRover Evoque. Superb gloss finish with an Ultimate Road Protection package that you don’t even know is there. Black PPF on the A-Pillars, and parts of the Front Bumper with Gloss Clear to complete the look. You can’t beat this seamless look of pure invisibility and protection.
Paint Protected. Just Drive…

Toyota Hilux Mako

The Toyota Hilux Mako, what a beast!
We proudly fit the graphics for Toyota New Zealand on the new Mako. Bonnet and side graphics along with some Matte Black on the rear bumper adorn these beasts to complete there look. And whats not to love, especially in this Inferno colour scheme – Mako is set to cut any path you want!

BMW M8 Competition Coupe

Full coverage Matte PPF adorns this Beautiful Beast of a M8 Competition Coupe.
SunTek Gloss PPF coverage on the carbon highlights with SunTek Matte full coverage will now keep this M8 beautiful for years to come. The original Matte colour now feels as smooth as a smooth thing! with the Matte PPF finish.
Paint Protected. Just Drive… Drive… Admire!

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 in for Protection and Shine!
In pristine white so it pays to keep this Model 3 beautiful with it’s smooth glorious design lines. Full front bumper, bonnet and headlights plus rear splash areas are covered in PPF. Then it’s SharpShield CX2 Ceramic to compliment and bring out the deep shine. A truly stunning and beautiful white gleam for all to see and enjoy!

Nautique Super Air G23

Super Air G23’s in for protection!
Phew… glorious skiing boats get the protection treatment. Choosing and including from the duckboard and seating areas at the back end to prevent ski and wake board damage, through to the forward facing surfaces on the trailers for protection from our roads. It’s all go, getting ready for an awesome summer.
Paint protected. Just enjoy!

Dodge Challenger SRT HellCat

Paint Protection where needed!
This Beasty Boy of a HellCat came in for a little more protection from it’s asphalt stripping wheels! Extra protection on the Rockers, Wheel Arch Flares and Splash areas will now give that extra peace of mind whilst putting this beast through it’s paces. Big feet are not a problem at VCP, so if you need some similar protection from the asphalt, come in and get VCP protected!

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 in Beautiful Glossy Black!
Suntek Reaction™ 2 in 1 Paint Protection Film adorns this Tesla Model 3. Impeccable shine and stain resistance plus the ease of cleaning with the Ceramic coating imbedded into the Reaction Film. BOP Mass 70 protects and enhances the headlights with BOP Mass 50 added to the rear lights. The bodywork then treated to SharpShield CX2 and Bling! Super Shiny Tesla Model 3.
Paint Protected. Just Drive…

Mitsubishi Outlander VRX

Mitsubishi Outlander VRX in stunning Pearl White.
Suntek Reaction™ 2 in 1 Paint Protection Film just makes this beauty shine, shine, shine!
Super Glossy and Slippery with Reaction’s Ceramic properties that will keep road and other debris off this stunning beauty. An Ultimate Road kit protects the chrome detailing and paintwork. Headlights are also protected with SunTek Reaction™.
Paint Protected. Just Drive…

Toyota Land Cruiser LX V8

2022 Land Cruiser VX 70th Anniversary Edition in for a complete PPF Coverage!
SunTek Reaction makes this awesome Land Cruiser gleam beyond belief. A strip down of panels making it easier to fit the bulk fitting of PPF. Windows also tinted in SunTek Carbon Automotive film compliment the package.
Off-Road just got beautiful, paint protected and stylish!

BMW S1000 XR Adventure

BMW S1000 XR Adventure bike ready to go and blaze new adventures!
Reaction PPF Protection added to fairing, tank cockpit, shrouds and where the riders knees come up against the paintwork. Hand cut perfection by James at VCP gives this beauty the total invisible protection look required. The Third bike done by James for our customer who loves his protection work. Paint Protected. Just Ride…

BMW i4 M50

BMW i4 M50 electric goes from gloss to a Stunning Matte finish!
Full coverage of the Gloss Burnt Sienna paint with Matte PPF gave this electric warrior a stunning Brushed Bronze look! With the gloss black or carbon parts covered in gloss PPF and matte PPF everywhere else this is one stunning BMW that is protected for years to come! A Bronzed Icon that is sure to turn heads!

Peugoet 208 GT

Peugoet 208 GT with our Ultimate Road protection plus roof protection.
This Sporty Peugoet got our Ultimate Road protection in SunTek Reaction plus Clif Designs Gloss Black on it’s roof for an ultimate look and protection. Headlights added as well as A-pillars protection extended along roof to the back of the car. Protected but optically invisible letting the true beauty of this Sporty Beast Shine!

BMW M8 Repair Work

Just what you don’t want to see on your beautiful Matte finished M8 Coupe.
Thankfully the foresight to getting a full coverage Matte PPF on the BMW M8 Competition Coupe has been rewarded. Instead of a paint job it’s a simple removal and refitting of PPF film to the guard, to return it back to it’s former glory… simply brilliant protection!
Paint Protected. Just Drive… Drive… Admire!

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