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SharpShield – CX2™ Ceramic Spray Sealant


SharpShield CX2™ Ceramic Spray Sealant
Boxed Application Kit


SharpShield CX2™ Ceramic Spray Sealant

Get the Ultimate Gloss finish with SharpShieldCX2™ Ceramic Spray Sealant.
New Revolutionary SharpShield CX2™ is an unique Ceramic formula that delivers on a long lasting and durable finish.
Developed in the United States SharpShield CX2™ is a Professional Grade, 2 stage application formula that will leave your vehicle protected against natural and industrial elements while retaining a deep shine.

Ceramic SiO2 Durable Finish
Many 9H ceramic sealants won’t stand up to detergents with a PH above 10, causing many sealant manufacturers to void warranties if the vehicle is ever taken through an automatic car wash. Kind to you and your environment SharpShield™ CX2 Ceramic Spray Sealant is water-based, with a formulation that is safe and low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), unlike many other sealants. 

The durable long-lasting finish will protect your vehicle from bird droppings, industrial fallout and other environmental concerns plus give you an easier to clean vehicle more than any other similar products.

Our Professional Grade SharpShield CX2™ Ceramic Spray Sealant kit includes:
• 1 x SharpShield CX2 ProClean™ Solution
• 1 x SharpShield CX2™ Ceramic Spray Sealant Solution
• 2 x Microfibre application cloths


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