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Window Film – Light Transmission Tester


LS162 Window Film
Light Transmission Tester


LS-162 Window Film
Light Transmission Tester – easy to use, one hand operation.

LS162 transmission meter is a compact and small transmission meter that can simultaneously test three parameters of light transmittance, ultraviolet rejection rate and infrared rejection rate.
This window film transmission meter can test the material optical properties such as automotive explosion-proof films, architectural films and laminated glass.

Easy Operation
The window film transmission meter is simply operated and the measurement is fast. Just put the measured object into the test slot, then the visible light transmittance, ultraviolet and infrared rejection rate will be immediately displayed on the interface. The test card slot is 8mm wide, which can directly test the car automotive glass. With a data lock function, after the test is completed, press the HOLD button to lock the test data. The data will remain on the display interface after taking away the tested material. The LS162 transmission meter has real-time dynamic calibration function. When there is no test object, the instrument will automatically return to the original data state to ensure more accurate test data.

LS162 Transmission Parameters
UV peak wavelength – 365nm
IR peak wavelength – 940nm
Visible light – 380nm-760nm full wavelength, in line with CIE photopic luminosity function
Resolution – 0.1%
Measurement accuracy – better than ± 2% (colorless and uniform transparent material)
Maximum sample thickness – <8mm
Weight – 165 g (batteries excluded)
Dimensions – 120mm × 25mm × 75mm
Power supply – 4x AAA alkaline dry batteries


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