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Squeegee – Hard Card type


Please choose the colour/firmness you require from the dropdown menu. Rated in order from Hard to Soft



Hard Card Squeegees of varying feel ie. soft to hard
Contoured for ease of gripping in hand

Rated in order of hardness (Hard to Soft ie. Green = Softest)
TM-70 (Brown)
TM-71 (Grey)
TM-18W (White)*
TM-18K (Black)*
TM-18B (Blue)
TM-18R (Red)
TM-18U (Green)

*White and Black are the same firmness


Additional information


TM-70 (Brown), TM-71 (Grey), TM-18W (White), TM-18K (Black), TM-18B (Blue), TM-18R (Red), TM-18U (Green)

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